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Recent Progress In Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification And Air

For large, wet spaces, buy the largest-capacity model you can afford. I have not been able to find anything about using a dehumidifier set to shut off when the set humidity level is reached while also using gravity drainage. The 70 pint Danby that you review has the gravity drainage feature bu does not have a continuous mode. So I assume that means it will shut off when the reaching the set humidity level regardless of whether the collection bucket or gravity drainage is being used – but I cannot find anything that spells that out. Thus, we would strongly recommend a 50 pint dehumidifier if energy efficiency is a priority for you. Among the 50 pint dehumidifiers we’ve tested, the top rated Frigidaire FFAD5033W1 is again our recommendation if you’re looking for the most energy efficient option available.

  • Keystone offers 1-year parts and labor warranty and a limited 5-years sealed system warranty on the dehumidifier.
  • Its intelligent built-in humidity and temperature sensor tracks and maintains RH within a comfortable humidity range of 45% to 55% based on the ambient temperature.
  • A lighter dehumidifier will be easier to carry up the stairs.

But, if you don’t want to take my word for it then you can look at our Amazon partner’s product page. There are over two-hundred and fifty reviews on these units and they all have an average of four and a half out of five stars.

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It is a perfect size dehumidifier for home, room, and for basement use. It comes with a solid and powerful engine that can also extract up to 30 pints in a single day. Depending on the humidity level of where you intend to use this product, it will absorb about 8 to 10 ounces of moisture in three to eight weeks. When you consider that you would use this in a small storage place that is a pretty good timeframe for humidity control. It is designed to be left on all the time and regulates the humidity to the desired level. It vents the moist air outside so that there are no buckets or drain hoses required.

In particular the internal bucket overflows sometimes, until it is manually shut off. Leakage is, therefore, an issue, with its bucket switch being unreliable. It lacks a continuous fan, but even so several online user reviews still explain that the sound of the unit is loud when it is in use. Perhaps the most important part of the dehumidifier is the fan. Dehumidifiers vary by how much moisture they wring out of the air in 24 hours. See the section below titled “Size Of The Space And Degree Of Wetness” for additional information.


Even the coldest rooms won’t be a problem, thanks to the Auto-Defrost feature which detects the buildup of frost on the coils and turns on the fan to melt it. Basements and crawl spaces are known for being incredibly moist during any season, and thus you need dehumidifiers that can operate under low-temperature conditions. While the company has a fairly short history of manufacturing air-conditioning appliances, you can’t knock the quality and affordability of their 70-pint dehumidifiers.

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They’re perfect for basements or anyplace else that doesn’t get heat or ventilation. If your air conditioner is plus-sized and running at full fan speed, the moisture won’t have a chance to condense on the chiller before the thermostat tells the AC to shut down. Since dry hot air is far more comfortable than humid warm air, you can technically make a room more comfortable in the summer heat by running a dehumidifier if you have this problem. Keystone covers all the basic dehumidifier functions, and adds a “comfort” mode that turns up the fan when the days are hotter. These sorts of auto-speed features might make a difference if you’re running this in a living space, but the basic humidistat is the only automatic function most Manualsdb people will need. The Gallery version of Frigidaire’s design uses a slower-moving but higher-volume fan to move more air past its coil with a lower noise level. It also uses slightly more electricity, up to 50 more watts when it’s running in continuous mode.

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